Engagement Equals Success

Engagement Equals Success

Fifty-seven percent of U.S. employees are moderately or highly engaged, an increase from 47% over 2011 reports the Tempkin Group Study.

The study finds that engaged employees are more than twice as likely to stay late at work if something needs to be done, help someone at work even if they’re not asked, and do something that is good for the company even if it’s not expected of them.

Also, they are almost three times as likely to make recommendations about an improvement and more than six times as likely to recommend that a friend or relative apply for a job.

Additionally, three-quarters of employees in companies with significantly above-average financial performance are moderately or highly engaged, compared with less than half of firms with sub-par financial results.

Other findings:

>> Professional services and construction companies have the highest level of employee engagement, while travel and retail firms have the lowest.

>> Sixty percent of the workforce at companies with 100 or fewer employees are moderately or highly engaged, compared with only 46% at companies with 10,000 or more employees.

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