Enterprise Learning! Conference Call for Papers

Enterprise Learning! Conference Call for Papers



Building Smarter Organizations 


Call for Paper Submissions Accepted until February 1st, 2016

Enterprise Learning! Conference 2016 (ELC16) hosts the exclusive Learning & Workplace Technology Conference for corporate, government and higher education executives. ELC16 provides executives a engaged environment to network, share and learn from leaders across all sectors. Coupled with cutting edge research, Learning! 100 award winners, and expert learning technologists, this is the ‘must attend’ forum for learning and performance executives.  Join the dialog as a conference presenter by submitting your call for paper by February 1st.

ELC16 Themes

ELC16 conference features four distinct tracks supporting the theme of ‘Building Smarter Organizations.’ They are:  The Engaged Employee, Evolving Learning Ecosystems, Learning! 100 Best Practices, and Learning Technology at Work.  You are welcome to submit a paper as well as a proposal for the workshops. Your session should relate to one of the following topic areas:

  1.                    The Engaged Employee
  2. Engaging the Smarter Workforce: Employee engagement is the #1 priority among corporate leaders. High engagement equals high performance. But, how do learning leaders flip the engagement switch? Presenters should focus on how learning leaders can impact engagement; How to ignite passion, performance and collaboration; The role of culture, caring and transparency; And, the change management process leaders face. Research and case studies should point to convincing evidence and best practices to share with this executive audience. 

  3.                    Consumerization of Learning Ecosystems: Enhancing the User Experience
  4. Building the Smarter Enterprise: From Internet of Things, to social channels like YouTube, SnapChat, and unlimited access to free content via MOOCs, learners demand a user experience to match their personal life.  The learning ecosystems are evolving to keep pace and optimize the User Experience. Presenters should focus on how consumerization is changing learning, the platforms and delivery systems to meet immediate and life-long learning challenges of the 21st century learner. Focus on how the emerging technologies, culture, and big data are influencing the way we can and will learn throughout the learning cycle: during personal learning, collaboration among peers, informal learning, when we are at work, play, and in a community.

  5.                   Best Practices of the Learning! 100
  6. Best Practices of the Smarter Leader: The Learning! 100 represent the top global learning organizations across the private and public sectors. These sessions feature real-world case studies, best practices and lessons learned from leaders of these high performing organizations. Learning! 100 winners are invited to submit a session for the ELC16 conference. (Only past and present 2016 Learning! 100 organizations qualify to submit for this category. Those with pending applications to the 2016 Learning! 100 Award will also be considered.)

  7.                     Learning Technology at Work
  8. Empowering the Smarter Learner: E-learning is the fastest growing segment in the global education market, targeted to reach $225 billion by 2017. Learners are empowered with anytime access of information, via any device, videos, mobile apps, and more. Virtual, video and mobile learning are delivering more training hours than traditional methods. But, the transition from classroom to continuous learning, is not a simple step.  Presenters should discuss the design, implementation and deployment challenges of training in an always on environment. Focus should be on novice to expert levels on technology-enabled learning. ​


Option:  Workshops

Building the Smarter Organization: These half-day workshops are deep-dives into building the smarter organization. From building a mobile strategy to E-learning 101, the topics can be varied but provide detailed and useful content for attendees. Each attendee should walk away from the workshop with the tools to plan, implement and measure the initiative. Submit your workshop topic for consideration.



ELC16 Audience

ELC16 Conference Advisory Committee seeks innovative, creative, solutions-oriented sessions that will help attendees build smarter organizations and drive performance. Each session will be 50 minutes long and presented to a live, and possibly, virtual audience. We encourage you to submit your proposal regardless of format: case study, panel, or untraditional format.

Attendees are management level professionals charged with building smarter organizations via learning & workplace technologies. Each manages enterprise learning budgets up to $13.8 million annually and has active learning and workplace technology initiatives. All submissions must aligned with ELC16 themes and provide actionable content for real-world application. Vendors may submit proposals but will be subject to an additional sponsor fee.

 Potential sessions may be best practices, case study, technology implementation, strategy & leadership, research or trends format.  


Registration & Travel Information

All session leaders are able to register for ELC16 at a reduced cost of $695 for the 2 day conference.  All speakers are responsible for all their hotel and travel expenses. 


Evaluation Process

The ELC16 Conference Advisory Committee will review all completed submissions received on or before February 1st, 2016. Each accepted submission will be contacted by February 15th.


  1.       Applications are not saved to the system unless they are SUBMITTED.   We suggest that you first develop your submission proposal in WORD to save your work, then copy and paste the information into the appropriate sections in the online form. The online form does NOT have spell check so editing your information in advance and then copying and pasting will ensure greater accuracy.
  2.       The speakers listed in the initial call for paper will qualify for the reduced speaker rate.
  3.       You should print out your final submission for your records. While the system will email a copy of the submission to the author, email can sometimes be blocked.
  4.       See Speaker Terms and Conditions for additional requirements at: ELC16 Speakers Terms and Conditions


ELC16 is a hybrid event whereby selected sessions will be recorded and/or webcasted to a live virtual audience. By completing this call for papers, all submissions and speakers agree to allow webcasting and hosting of session content at virtual ELC16.

Upon acceptance, ELC16 may modify the session title and description to fit the theme, marketing message, style and/or format of ELC16 collateral materials, website and show guides.

If you have questions, feel free to contact our conference team at events@2elearning.com.

Thank you for your interest in presenting at ELC16. 


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