eXact Learning Solutions Releases New LCMS


eXact Learning Solutions’ new version – known as ‘M16’ – includes some major upgrades and brings important changes to the Project Management area of the platform. It features a fully interactive Gantt chart software, enabling project managers to manage a project directly from the dashboard — including assigning tasks, setting deadlines and more.

M16 also features major updates to the LCMS’s Online Editor. These bring the Online Editor closer the company’s authoring tool, eXact learning Packager, by offering, among other things, full support for interactions, along with theme personalization.

eXact learning Packager offers users HTML5 templates to make creating screens and courses merely a matter of dragging and dropping raw assets (audio, images, video and so on) into a visual tree structure representing the template.

—Learn more: www.exact-learning.com


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