'Firing Line' Features Top HR Tech Analyst

'Firing Line' Features Top HR Tech Analyst

Gartner’s top HR technology analyst points out the strengths and challenges of the Big Three vendors — Oracle, SAP and Workday — in their heated competition for large company customers in the HR Cloud software market on the current edition of “Firing Line with Bill Kutik” streaming on YouTube.

Offering general advice on choosing a vendor, Gartner Research VP Ron Hanscome emphasizes that “when you start thinking about cost implications, it’s really important to involve your sourcing, I.T. contract negotiation resources in this deal. If you don’t, if you’re an HR organization that goes on its own, we estimate that you could pay as much as 30 percent more than if you involved your sourcing people early and often.”

Program host Kutik observes: “Ron Hanscome plainly tells viewers the strengths and challenges of each vendor and its Cloud system. Many companies are facing this complicated and very important decision right now, so his insight and advice, based on his major Gartner research report, comes at the perfect time.”

—Watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZSu4tUrvQXE

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