Five Must-Haves for Rapid E-learning Flash Development

Basic training courses with the traditional, page-turner flow of information from start to finish are no longer enough for successful e-learning implementation.

In order for training to grasp learner attention, engage

Basic training courses with the traditional, page-turner flow of information from start to finish are no longer enough for successful e-learning implementation.

In order for training to grasp learner attention, engage them and keep them engaged, courses and training should come highly equipped with interactivity. Flash-based content allows developers to include virtually any interactive element in their content and wraps it up in one robust rapid e-learning package.

That said, finding the balance between engaging e-learning content that meets an organization’s goals but also remains within the financial and time restraints of the organization is a challenge. To meet all of these needs, successful training implementation requires five must-haves for creating and deploying Flash-based rapid e-learning content:

1) Reach Learners Anytime, Anywhere

Mobile learning in organizations is growing at a rapid rate. eLearning Guild research data shows that of those who have implemented mobile learning, 50 percent are seeing positive returns.

In order to deploy mobile learning, the Flash development tool must have the capability to publish content to HTML5 format, viewable on all mobile devices including smartphones and tablets. With this accessibility, instructors now have a direct portal for learning and communication held directly in the hands of learners.

2) High-impact Interactivity

Flash-based rapid e-learning content excites learners with dynamic training that motivates them to learn, engage and retain information. Flash content developed with the right tool keeps learners engaged in a way that merely delivering textual information alone will not.

Rather than simply completing the steps of a training course, high-impact, interactive elements provide a robust e-learning experience that transcends a basic course, promoting deeper understanding and retention of information.

3) Interact Through Social Media

Rapid e-learning promotes further engagement for learners by providing them with direct access to share with their peers by interacting on social media. Pushing e-learning content out to social media sites provides learners with a highly functioning platform for engaging with others including posting and answering questions, providing and accessing additional resources and networking. This capability, referred to as crowdsourcing, promotes the exchange of information, which is an extremely valuable resource among learners in organizations.

4) Low Learning Curve for Development

With ever-changing organizational needs, just-in-time training and rapid development are gaining more ground. In order to develop e-learning quickly, it is key to take advantage of tools that require a low learning curve. This means that not only can e-learning developers jump right into projects, but they no longer require extensive development time. The best rapid e-learning tool will meet both the novice and the expert needs — whether the developer wants professional templates to easily customize or if he prefers to create content from scratch.

5) Low Cost of Development

A simple tool not only makes development much faster, but quick content creation ultimately impacts the bottom line. Without the need for extensive training or the need to hire or contract a specialized Flash developer, Flash development costs stay low and decrease financial restraints and limitations. The key to creating highly interactive rapid e-learning Flash content for learners at low costs is to utilize easy-to-use, innovative tools to remain ahead of the curve.

The Right Tool for the Right Job

It no longer requires large sums of money to develop rapid e-learning content with an innovative, robust Flash content creation tool. Snap! Empower is not only affordable at just $99, but it is the only tool of its kind that can publish to HTML5 viewable on mobile devices and offers one-click publishing to social media networks. In addition, Snap! Empower comes full of hundreds of templates, dozens of Flash components, video capabilities and much more for high-impact, engaging Flash content for learners — all with zero programming knowledge necessary.

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