Flash Survey Ranks CLO Competencies

The Masie Institute recently conducted a “flash survey” on Technology Competencies for Learning Leaders (e.g. CLO). This was part of founder Elliott Masie’s work as academic director at the Wharton/UPenn CLO Program. Over 930 colleagues from organizations around the world responded.

Here are the percentage of respondents that cited certain competencies in a CLO: 

  1. Integrates learning, talent and IT strategies with business strategy (87%)
  2. Leads key decisions about learning and technology for the enterprise (85%) 
  3. Assesses organizational readiness and need for talent/learning software (73%) 
  4. Collaborates with the Chief Information Officer (CIO) effectively (68%) 
  5. Effectively scouts for new and emerging technology trends and discerns (61%) 
  6. Leverages collaborative technology to increase organizational capability (59%)
  7. Displays fluency in techniques/models of technical process and change (46%)
  8. Applies understanding of quality improvement and business process (41%)
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