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Government Elearning! Magazine                                     
Powering the Public Sector with Learning Technologies

The voice of the robust $100 billion public sector enterprise  learning market.

The public sector’s appetite for more learning  and workplace technologies is fueled by agency-wide performance mandates and drive for efficiencies. These drivers continue to change how government performs; the technologies are leveraged; and how organizations invest. Government Elearning!Magazine is the exclusive publication addressing the unique learning and workplace technology needs of the public sector.


Our eleven-time award-winning editorial team helps readers build performance and stakeholder satisfaction through learning investments. Discover which tools, technologies, services and content solutions work. Each issue showcases agency best practices, new technologies and processes at work, and lessons learned from the country’s largest employers. In partnership with our readers and sponsors, we bring the newest ideas and products to the forefront. Government Elearning! Magazine powers the public sector with learning and workplace technologies.  

Who Should Read Government Elearning! Magazine

If you are an agency director, program manager or public sector executive responsible for employee or partner performance, you should read Government Elearning! Magazine. Your complimentary subscription earns you full access to complimentary web seminars, virtual events, white papers, industry research, and web site content. The e-zine is also available to your peers, trainers, web developers and non-management professionals executing enterprise learning initiatives. As a key manager of your organization’s learning initiatives, you will receive the information to drive your organization’s performance.

Beyond the Printed Page

Government Elearning! Magazine goes beyond print. Available as a digital magazine (e-zine) accessible on tablets and smartphones, we offer you web-like interactivity alongside important advice and case study content. Government Elearning! e-zine is circulated to over 100,000 professionals via subscriptions, community membership and event participation. We invite you to share Government Elearning! with your peers, other readers, friends, suppliers and partners. The more we spread the good news, the more successful we are as practitioners.

Content Available for Public Consumption

Unlike traditional publishing companies, we welcome our readers and partners to contribute case studies, how-to features, product news and announcements for publication in Government Elearning!Magazine, web sites and e-mail newsletters. Readers and sponsors are invited to share, host and sendGovernment Elearning! e-zine to their peers, constituents, suppliers, partners and customers. We can all help power the public sector with learning technologies—together!

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