High Potential for Virtual Worlds

In a report written by Dr. Eilif Trondsen of SRI Consulting Buisness Intelligence, the upside of using virtual worlds in corporate collaborative situations is extremely evident.

An even 70 percent of those polled said that they “see significant potential to improve effectiveness and/or efficiency of collaborative work, for instance among virtual teams of distirbuted workers.”

None of the 81 respondents said that they were very skeptical about virtual worlds.

The rest of the votes were almost evenly split between respondents to the other two statements:

1) “The potential benefits are still very unclear and uncertain and it will likely take some time before we understand and know what the role of VWs will be in collaborative work.” (35.7%)

2) “Major technology and/or worker attitude issues must be addressed before VWs will play much of a role in collaborative work in most organizations.” (34.3%) Almost two-thirds of the respondents (63.3%) were employees in an industrial or commercial company. Most of the remaining respondents (31.7%) were employees at an academic institution. Five percent were students. For the full report, visit the Website www.sricbi. com/news/VWCcollabwksurvey2008-03.pdf.  

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