How to Deploy a Successful Global Training Program

How to Deploy a Successful Global Training Program

Companies face increasing talent management and development challenges due to their dispersed and global workforces. Rapid communication and digitalization have made it easier than ever to do business with employees spread around the globe. But for learning and development, a global workforce presents many challenges that companies may be facing for the first time or haven’t had to consider before, such as aligning expectations on requirements and delivery of training to diverse audiences.

Join Mehdi Tounsi, Senior Regional Director, Europe at OpenSesame, for a live webinar to gain insights on:

• Common challenges when training a global workforce and strategies to overcome them
• Real examples of training programs that expanded globally and had to change their approach to training
• Cultural and communication considerations to act on now before it’s too late

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About the speaker
Mehdi Tounsi
Senior Regional Director, Europe

With over 20 years‘ experience in the learning industry, Mehdi has successfully implemented learning and talent management strategies for various industries, including content providers and LMS platform specialists. Mehdi assists global organisations in meeting the challenges linked to cultural diversity, improving communications within global operations and developing learning programmes to enhance workforce mobility. A seasoned traveller and passionate linguist, Mehdi has held different international positions in Australia, Africa, the US and now in London, where he oversees OpenSesame’s European operations.

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