H.R. Part-timers Wanted

H.R. Part-timers Wanted

Want to get your foot in the door with a company? Forty percent of employers plan to hire temporary and contract workers in 2013, up from 36 percent last year, according to CareerBuilder’s annual job forecast. Many of these employers — 42 percent — plan to transition some temporary workers into full-time, permanent employees.

To help workers identify hot temp opportunities, CareerBuilder and Economic Modeling Specialists (EMSI) released a list of occupations that are hiring temporary workers at an accelerated rate. The study uses EMSI’s extensive labor market database, which pulls from more than 90 national and state employment resources and includes detailed information on employees and self-employed workers.

“More companies are turning to temporary and contract workers to meet evolving market demands and quickly scale up their businesses,” says Eric Gilpin, President of CareerBuilder’s Staffing and Recruiting Group. “For job seekers, it’s a great way to build relationships with employers and expand your résumé, and is often an in-road into permanent placement within firms.”

The category Human Resources, Training and Labor Relations Specialists (support various HR functions such as training, benefits, etc.) is among the fastest-growing for temporary jobs:

Number of people employed: 59,597

Jobs added from 2010 to 2012: 11,893 (25 percent growth)

Median hourly wage: $26.44

— Occupation definitions are based on information from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. More info: Opens external link in new windowwww.economicmodeling.com/

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