HR Tech Usage Up

HR Tech Usage Up

HR departments are increasingly relying on data to make more strategic decisions in the workplace. Eighty-seven percent of HR executives say tech has allowed them to better contribute to their organization, up from 75% in 2018, cites Paychex study.

“The strategic contributions HR leaders make are bolstered by innovative technology solutions that not only dramatically reduce [the] time spent on administrative tasks but can also provide valuable insights on their workforce and the business overall,” said Leah Machado, senior director of HR services at Paychex.

All HR executives in the survey say they rely on analytics in some capacity at work — but the most common uses include making more informed decisions (90%), defending decisions to corporate (89%) and understanding how to communicate with employees (89%). HR departments are also spending more money on tech, and those with budget increases responded that they would be the most likely to use additional funds to purchase new tools, Paychex finds.

Paychex found that many HR teams continue to look for tools that will give them a competitive edge. A full 72% of respondents say they will continue to use technology to reach high-quality candidates and to foster collaboration in the workforce with tools including Slack, Chatter and Jive (69%).

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