HR TECHNOLOGY: KnowledgeAdvisors Releases New Big Data Products

KnowledgeAdvisors has released three new Big Data Solutions for talent development and HR professionals. The new Big Data Solutions are designed and developed to help organizations understand major talent questions regarding drivers of engagement and retention, factors that drive high-performers, talent attraction and selection, gaps in the talent pool, linkage to customer satisfaction, and more.
KnowledgeAdvisors’ Big Data Solutions include:
1) Big Data Module: The Metrics that Matter® Big Data Module combines an organization’s talent, learning and business data, allowing users to explore and visualize their data to make it easy to understand trends and patterns, and providing the ability to drill down to get to answers quickly.
2) Big Data Feed: For organizations that want to build their own Big Data solution to integrate with their critical talent data, KnowledgeAdvisors offers a dedicated Big Data feed.
3) Outsourced Big Data Analysis Service: Building real analytics talent can take time, and even well respected organizations can struggle to hire, train and develop the right people to do the job well. Many organizations simply do not have resources, time or skill set to analyze their learning and talent data.
Services also include customized dashboards and executive-level presentations delivered to an organization’s executives, C-suite or Board.

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