ILT Development Is Not a Speedy Task

According to Bryan Chapman, a chief learning strategist who consults and researches through an alliance with Brandon Hall Research, the average development ratio for instructor-led training (ILT) is 36:1, meaning that 36 hours of development time are for each one hour of final ILT training.

Chapman says the breakout looks like this:

>> Front-end analysis, including data collection and working with SMEs is 13% or 4.8 hours.

>> Instructional design, including defining objectives, outlining and content development is 13% or 4.6 hours.

>> Lesson plan development is 11% or 3.8 hours.

>> Creation of handout material is 8% or 3 hours.

>> Student guide development is 20% or 7.2 hours.

>> PowerPoint development is 21% or 7.6 hours.

>> Test and exam creation is 8% or 2.8 hours.

>> Other tasks amount to 6% or 2.3 hours. 

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