Inspiration, Co-Workers Are Keys to Creativity


A recent survey by iQudo found that 83.7% of 502 people from a cross-section of professions in San Francisco do not get their best ideas on the job due to time constraints, distractions and stress. Of the survey participants that do get their best ideas at work, 47.7% cite inspiring co-workers as the number one reason for on-the-job creativity. The second factor is a creative atmosphere at 29.1%, followed by job creativity requirement at 27.9%. Having time to ponder on the other hand, ranked fourth place only at 20.9%.

The study results indicate that time isn’t key to personal creativity and generating outstanding ideas, but inspiring co-workers, the presence of a creative atmosphere and required creativity are.

“The most important investment for a company is its people,” says Robert Gerlach, founder and creativity coach of iQudo. “When people share the same chemistry, they are more likely to talk with each other and eventually build trust. Trust is a major component for sharing ideas and honest feedback.”

The findings of this study may have major implications for innovative companies and how they approach creativity, and may well signal the need for a paradigm shift. For creativity to thrive, it is up to leaders to foster collaborative relationships, establish a creative atmosphere, demand creativity and provide limited time to ponder.

The iQudo ideation study was carried out mainly in the South of Market and Financial district in San Francisco, as well as selected residential neighborhoods. Majority of the survey respondents were working people between the ages of 16 and 65.

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