Intellum Launches First Open Asset LMS

Intellum, a technology company that builds employee learning, collaboration and performance tracking tools for the modern workplace is launching an update to the Exceed Learning Management System (Exceed LMS). The new release allows learning professionals to leverage and track any type of file or asset, including items curated from the Internet, to quickly and easily create or supplement learning activities.

Intellum’s Exceed LMS eliminates the need to strictly adhere to course authoring or file output specifications (like xAPI) or invest in additional, complicated infrastructure such as a Learning Record Store. Learning professionals can now mix and match a wide variety of file types including documents, spreadsheets, presentations and PDF files, traditional e-learning assets like SCORM or AICCcompliant courseware, and non-traditional resources like links to YouTube videos, TEDTalks or blog posts. The result is a more modern enterprise learning experience that mimics the way users learn in their private lives.

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