Is Compliance Your Bugaboo?

Is Compliance Your Bugaboo?

Compliance is the main bugaboo of learning professionals in the U.S. today. A survey of more than more than 455 corporate and 145 public-sector learning pros notes that 65 percent list compliance as their most important training concern.

Other important reasons that training is conducted are product training (62 percent), professional/industry training (57 percent) and desktop/I.T. training (55 percent).

Develop tools are the most popular among those surveyed, used by 82 percent of respondents. Other popular tools are Web conferencing (77 percent), content development (76 percent) and assessment (74 percent).

Mobile learning appears to be the fastest growing means of delivery, with 31 percent of respondents saying that they planned to add it in 2012. E-learning development was next on the “plan to add” list, with 30 percent replying positively. Social networks (23 percent) and wikis/blogs/forums (19 percent) were also popular new incentives.

When combining all modes of electronic-based training (on line, blended, virtual and e-learning), respondents said they plan to invest a whopping 240 percent more on e-learning, averaging $3.5 million per fiscal year, up from the $1.46 million cited in a similar 2011 survey.

Other interesting observations to be derived from the corporate segment of the study:

When it comes to delivery choices, 69 percent of the respondents indicated that e-learning and other non-classroom venues were used to deliver more than 50 percent of the training.

84 percent of the respondents said that they used Web meeting solutions, 46 percent said that they used virtual classrooms, and 40 percent said that they used virtual learning environments, which includes virtual classroom sessions, networking, content libraries, and similar products.

Measuring impact of e-learning and training initiatives relies heaviest on employee feedback (78 percent), followed by testing and assessments (61 percent), completion rates (57 percent) and manager feedback (57 percent).

The 2012 surveys included over 600 respondents, including 145 from the public sectors. All of the respondents reported that they had active enterprise learning initiatives.

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