Is Corporate Learning Way ‘Out of Sync’?


A new report, “The Consumer Learner at Work,” suggests L&D teams need to be aware of the importance of having easy access to practical learning that will add value to their lives. Of those sampled, 70% were motivated by technologies that allow them to network and connect with each other, 90% download apps to further their learning, 50% are education-based, and 49% are productivity tools.

Here are a few insights covered in the report:

>> Workers have a positive outlook on the value of online learning: 80% can see how online learning can help them further their career; 70% think that it has a positive impact on their job performance.

>> Workers know more about what they need than most L&D teams give them credit for: 88% know what learning they need, but only 42% agree that their company provides relevant online learning for their job.

>> Workers overcome challenges of access, but struggle with supply: 53% find location or I.T. is a barrier to learn online, so they are turning to mobile, with 64% saying accessing learning from a mobile device is essential/very useful; 29% find online content uninspiring

>> Workers do not consider the course as the only option: 77% rate working in collaboration with others as essential/very useful.

>> Workers turn to technology for convenience and connectivity: 89% are downloading apps – e.g. for education (50%) and productivity tools (49%).

>> Workers value personal experience for personal gain: 57% want learning to contribute towards a qualification or certification.

>> Managers play a crucial role: 31% say that support from their managers is critical to a smooth and successful online learning experience.

The report was produced by England-based Towards Maturity in conjunction with learning provider Filtered. It surveyed 2,000 potential workers about their aspirations and the experience of learning in the workplace.

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