Is Our Fear of Artificial Intelligence Based on Reality - Part 2

Is Our Fear of Artificial Intelligence Based on Reality - Part 2

In Part 1 of this report, we discussed the prevalent fear of AI taking over mankind and wreaking havoc on all organic versions that were unwilling to succumb to their superior intelligence. In this part, we promised to show a couple of examples where the AI development is really headed in hopes of easing those of us suffering from aiophobia.

So here goes…

The first example is from the CTO at Accenture, Paul Daugherty, who says in his company’s viewpoint, artificial intelligence will be about enhancing humans, not replacing them — and driving tremendous economic growth in the process. “Our goal with AI is not to make super humans, it’s to make humans super,” according to Daugherty. While some of you are thinking that this might be a clever marketing two-step, Daugherty insists the company is focusing on solving real business problems with AI by finding ways to simplify the complexities we all face in our work environments.

When we looked for further examples of how AI is impacting our lives, one of the arenas where we are seeing it emerge has been in sales tools from Salesforce, Oracle, SugarCRM, and others. The thinking is that sales teams can’t possibly keep track of all the competitive and economic factors that could be having impact on an individual sale. So that’s where artificial intelligence can really help.

Good sales people have a natural talent for communicating with their customers, as well as knowing how to push them along to the final sale. What salespeople often lack is an understanding of all of the other external and internal issues that could have a negative impact on a possible sale.

That’s where AI can come in. By providing information about how the current deal relates to other deals, what’s happening in the news that could have an impact on a deal, as well as what the tone suggests in the latest email exchanges, and other data points, AI can provide clues as to where problems may surface in a deal. AI and a good CRM can process all of this external information, provide insight to the sales team, and let humans worry about the social interactions that are needed to close the sale. It’s certainly a point Salesforce was pushing earlier this year when it launched Einstein, its artificial intelligence platform.

Most of the major vendors out there, including Google, Microsoft, AWS, Oracle, IBM and are all experimenting with AI, and exposing these AI tools to almost every company and individual out there. Where they’ve gone a step further is to expose these powerful tools via APIs. That’s bound to attract even more developers to the table.

So the point of this article is to take some of the wind out of AI replacing all of us, and thus ruining the world for human. In fact, what’s really happening out there is that AI is improving our ability to deal with more and more of the complexities that are evolving in the market. As for me, I’m still happy to know that I can find a good cup of coffee wherever I happen to be writing.

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