Language Service Providers are Key to Corporate Success

There’s a “powerful need for higher value services to support global content value chain strategy for delivering multilingual communications that align with global business goals,” according to a report from Gilbane Group. And innovative language service providers are uniquely positioned to assist organizations with these services.
The survey, “Multilingual Communications as a Business Imperative,” was sponsored by Jonckers. It compiles the results of in-depth interviews with people who manage content and translation/localization within multinational organizations worldwide.
“The research confirms that companies acknowledge multilingual communications as an important success factor in corporate business initiatives, yet most respondents believe that current efforts are falling short,” says Karl Kadie, contributing analyst with Gilbane Group. “Many need value-added services to help transform the way they achieve their goals. Language service providers have significant expertise in delivering the needed services, especially change management.”
Respondents indicated that services of particular value and importance to their business include: workflow integration; change management consulting; specialized vertical or SME services; linguistic consulting; project management; product internationalization; content conversion/exchange management; and software localization.
“Multinational businesses find they can no longer achieve global market success based on product excellence, but instead on brand strength and global customer experience which is grounded in multilingual and multicultural content and data,” says Nicholas McMahon, vice president and general manager for Jonckers U.S.
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