LCMS: Adapting Content in Real Time

Version 10 of the eXact learning LCMS (and its client desktop application eXact learning Packager 5.0) enables contents to adapt, in real time, to the learner’s perspective and learning preferences — along with her/his skills and competency gaps, the learner’s location and the available device to deliver the learning and/or support.

The new LCMS version uses an open framework which allows users to develop and integrate their own learning authoring template sets.

The LCMS suite is enhanced with a real-time rendering engine that, attached to the template framework, enables adaptive learning.

In addition, the new version supports the management of learning content creation and delivery for organizations that require a scalable, extendable modular system to meet high-volume, professional and consistent learning output demand. eXact learning solutions believes that he combination of rapid authoring capabilities and model-based automation of content production enables high-volume, professional and consistent learning output.

Finally, eXact learning LCMS 10 introduces XML based Processing Run time Engine (XPRE) technology supporting real-time learning object rendering – with the ability to attach multiple rendering engines, content format, layout style and device coverage at the end of the publishing process.

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