Learning! 100: Mobile at Work

Learning! 100: Mobile at Work

Speakers: John Moxley, CLO, Cricket Communications and Joe DiDonato, Editor-at-Large and Catherine Upton, Publisher, Elearning! Media Group

John Moxley and his small team have set the “high-mark” for real-world mobile learning. John will take you through his team’s process of launching a Mobile University. Discover what you need to know to duplicate his success. In this session, you will learn:

• Analysis: The User Requirement • Considerations: Mobile versus PC Approach

• Content to Be Delivered – from Product Knowledge to Sales and Leadership

• Weighing Solutions – Mobile Friendly Web Pages to Custom App and BYOD Strategies

• Decision and Timeline

• Software Platform for Cricket U

• Extending the Learning Process

• Behavior Change • Examples and Screen Shots

• Gamification

• Lessons Learned If you’re being tasked with developing a Mobile University, this is one session that you won’t want to miss. 

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