Learning! 100 Profile: Driving Sales with Mobile Learning at Edmunds

Learning! 100 Profile: Driving Sales with Mobile Learning at Edmunds

Established is 1966, Edmunds, Inc offers the top automotive shopping services for 20 million visitors a month. From Santa Monica, CA, 650 employees many whom are in the field contacting dealers to list cars.

The first line of contact for dealers is the sales team. Edmunds sales representatives (SR) must provide expertise in automotive trends, fast and efficient communications, and high levels of knowledge about tools such as Google AdWords and Analytics to help dealers market their stock effectively. By investing in sales representatives and keeping them well-trained, Edmunds can help provide dealership with valuable service that goes beyond competitors offerings.

With more than 160 sales representatives around the country who spend most of their time on the road driving between dealerships, traditional training is a challenge. It can be costly-both in terms of money and opportunity cos- to fly everyone to Santa Monica, CA headquarters for regular in-person training sessions.

Edmunds uses online distance learning programs to reach staff more effectively. For years, the company use a learning management system to power its courses but creating new learning content tool time and training. The company decided to move in a different direction with a next-generation LMS that could held Edmunds disseminate more content with greater speed.

Edmunds needed an LMS that was user friendly for learners, administrators and designers. It also needed to support video content and mobile devices to reach busy sales representatives. After reviewing several LMS, Edmunds selected Adobe Captivate Prime (ACP).

 “We trust Adobe to keep working and improving the product for years to come. We use Adobe Creative Cloud apps to create our course content, and we knew that everything would integrate well if we stayed with Adobe


Mobile Learning at Edmunds

Learning content at Edmunds can be broadly divided into three categories. In-house training videos use video capture and voiceovers to show SR how to use internal platforms and tools that boost their productivity. For example, the MapAnything app for Salesforce allows SR to map dealers in their territory and visualize performance.

In best practices videos, Edmunds interviews successful SR about their tips and techniques. Reviewing these sales strategies helps SR connect with dealers and improve performance. Finally, Edmunds leverages content from Lynda.com by LinkedIn to expand the course library with training in digital marketing and other general topics. By understanding how to leverage tools such as Google Analytics and Facebook Ads, SR can work with dealers to increase their marketing reach.

“We don’t want to reinvent the wheel, says Wilcox. “By pulling readily available content into ACP, we’re able to expand our course listings without a lot of effort and save years of work building our library.”

Edmunds currently has more than four hours of its own content available- as well as thousands of hours of learning from Lynda.com library- allowing new hires to get a handle on tools and improve their skills o that they can quickly start delivering expert service to dealers. Using the Ruidic Player, learners can view course content on any device, from a laptop to smartphone, without needing any extra downloads or plug-ins. Edmunds will soon be rolling out the ACP app to boost mobile adoption rates event further.

“Sales representatives spend most of their time on the road, so mobility is essential for learning, say Wilcox. “We’re developing more content with non-essential visuals so that SR can listen to it like a podcast and get insights and strategies while they’re heading to their next sales meeting.”

Improving Participation

Before ACP, assigning and tracking learners could be cumbersome. Now administrators can quickly create custom groups, assign learning plans and email notifications to the group from the administrative dashboard. Administrators can also pull reports and monitor usage on individual or group levels. With these reports, Edmunds can demonstrate training investment by gathering stats around course completion and number of hours trainings.

Improved tracking for learners also expands the training possibilities. When Edmunds held a course on Google AdWords, trainers employed a flipped classroom where learners were required to the Lynda.com course to gain a solid background on the material before participating in the in-person training. This method allowed trainers to maximize in-class time and save thousands of dollars. In the next year, Edmunds also plans to start offering certification to learners who complete required courses, delivering additional motivation for continued learning.

Accessing courses is equally easy for learners. SR can access their dashboard through ACP integration with Salesforce. The dashboard allows learners to see all assigned and available courses in one location, which encourages greater involvement.

“We have people taking training that isn’t assigned to them, says Wilcox. “I think it’s a result of what I call a push and pull: ACP makes it easy for us to push content to learners, but also easy for learners to pull training when they need it. We’re seeing close to 100% completion rates on courses, which is something we never had before.”

ACP is currently used by about 90 learners for specialized leadership training and other non-sales development, but Edmunds plans to expand offerings to all types of training and skills.

“We’re seeing close to 100% completion rate on courses, which is something we never had before.”- Wilcox.

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