Learning! 100 Web Seminar Series: It’s Time to Launch a Corporate University

March 14th  10 AM PT


 Speakers: Lily Wong, Learning Director, Agilent Technologies

Cris Hatcher, CLO, Watco


Learning & Development is core to talent performance, retention, and engagement. It’s time to take your learning program to the next level? 

Once the domain of only the largest Fortune 500 companies, the Corporate University (CU) is now vital to small to medium sized organizations. You don’ have to have a million-dollar training budget to reap the benefits of a centralized, branded CU. 

In this session, learning leaders from the Learning! 100 reveal their approaches to hosting a CU. Watco Companies evolved their soft skills training into a branded company-wide CU. Agilent had a critical need to fill technical skills gap for facilities managers and launched a branded learning academy. See how both these organizations found the right approach for their enterprises. 

Join this free session and discover the: 
– 5 signs it’s time to launch a CU 
– 3 pain points of launching 
– Surprising benefits of a CU 

The Learning! 100 award-winning leaders will share the details of their respective approaches. Invest 60 minutes and you could save your organizations time, money and headaches. 



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