Learning & Development Crucial to Future Workforce Development

Learning & Development Crucial to Future Workforce Development

Automation, Engagement & Technology Challenges Emerge

Learning and Development plays a crucial role to organizations as the future workplace evolves.  A recent study from McKinsey reports that 375 million jobs will be displaced by automation. Last month, an InfoSys study revealed that 75% of organizations will replace workforce resources with Artificial Intelligence (AI). Yet, 80% of these organizations plan to retrain or redeploy displaced workers.

This isn’t the only challenge to organizations and L&D teams worldwide. As millennials dominate the workforce, so do their workplace preferences and learning styles. In a recent Gallup study, 85% of the global workforce is disengaged versus 67% of U.S. workers. Sixty-one percent of respondents cited “work at what they do best” as a top engagement driver. And, 45% of millennials say, “a job that accelerates career development is very important.”  L&D is crucial for building new competencies, identifying strengths, and career development.


CEOs have placed employee engagement as a top organizational priority and are investing in these initiatives. Plus, technology to drive performance and engagement is readily available to organizations of all sizes. In the 2018 Learning and Talent Platforms Buyer Study conducted by Elearning! Magazine,  record investments are reported in platforms that improve engagement and performance, skills development and personalization. While the list of ‘Must Have’ features are long, they align to the business drivers of engagement, personalization, performance and collaboration.

The transition to a new learning ecosystem to support next gen workforce and knowledge transfer is not an easy one. Learning! Champion Anthony Gagliardo of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory shares JPL’s roadmap from traditional learning to a modern learning ecosystem- coined ‘Destination 2025.’ 

It’s time for L&D to take their rightful seat at the C-suite table. The success of the business depends upon it. Yet, there is a discipline required to earn that seat. Ronda Feage, Director of Strategy, ChoiceU, Choice Hotels International, (a 2017 Learning! 100 winner), shares the steps to take that seat. It all starts with ‘Yes’.


Many of L&D’s top performers are being recognized here as 2018 Learning! Champions. They have launched new corporate universities; Developed effective global learning programs; Created award-winning learning programs and content; and, continue to drive our industry forward as key thought-leaders.

Keep on Learning!

– Catherine Upton, Group Publisher

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