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Developing employees who are competent, oriented, dependable, available

Choose an LMS to centralize learning and performance and improve the learning experience.
Found a system that was easy-to-use, flexible and scalable, as well as compatible with other leading technology providers.

Tasked with new corporate initiatives and training requirements, Medical Staffing Network (MSN) last year determined that it needed a new LMS to centralize learning and performance and improve the learning experience.
Medical Staffing Network Holdings, Inc. is the third-largest diversified health care staffing company in the United States as measured by revenues. The company is the leading provider of per-diem nurse staffing services and is also a leading provider of travel, allied health and vendor managed services.
In late 2007, MSN employees accessed training from two different locations: via the Web and the MSN learning management system. In addition to the confusion and manual processes created from information residing in multiple locations, MSN faced an additional learning challenge. Its current LMS was not user-friendly. Many times, learners had seven clicks or more to launch a course. This arduous process resulted in frustrated learners, incomplete courses and unhappy management.
From a tactical level, MSN’s learning leadership had a goal of building more custom e-learning courses, learning and certification plans, and increasing course completions for the learner audience. At the strategic level, MSN needed to create a more efficient learning organization able to track productivity and performance against corporate goals. This complex challenge was intensified, given MSN’s 125 branches in 40 states with field employees serving thousands of health-care industry clients.

The Best Solution
MSN determined that a new LMS partner would be better suited to provide a system that was easy-to-use, flexible and scalable, as well as provide integrations with other leading technology providers in the performance and learning industry.
MSN ultimately decided on GeoLearning’s GeoMaestro 5 Series learning and performance management platform for its on-demand deployment model, as well as its best-of-breed integrations with GeoConnect (powered by WebEx) and GeoTalent (powered by SuccessFactors).
The GeoMaestro platform enabled MSN to:
>> create company-specific learning content with Trivantis’ Lectora authoring tool and upload the courses directly into the LMS
>> create, deliver and track more than 50 different learning plans — many with OLT, ILT and Joint Commission certification requirements
>> increase the number of courses developed 433 percent in one year
>> increase log-ins and course completions 2400 percent in just one year
>> centralize scheduling for online and instructor-led training
>> offer intuitive 24×7 on-demand accessibility for all users
“In order to keep pace with our company goals to grow revenue and improve profit margins, it was critical that we switch from our current LMS to GeoMaestro,” explains Dale Towery, MSN’s director of training. “GeoLearning’s best-of-breed business model works well for our organization. We wanted to work with an organization that had the best LMS and partnerships with other leaders in their respective categories. GeoLearning has those relationships already in place. We believe in integration and we benefit from working with the best-of-the-best in each niche learning discipline.”

What’s the Future?
MSN has a unique company philosophy that drives the organization. It manages to a process called “CODA” in order to develop employees who are “Competent, Oriented, Dependable and Available” when a client needs them.
To continually meet this lofty goal, MSN has further identified the need for more collaboration within the organization. In 2009, MSN will deploy GeoEngage, GeoLearning’s blended learning and collaboration platform powered by Q2Learning. This will help MSN achieve several goals:
>> expedite knowledge transfer from subject matter experts to others in similar positions;
>> create a central repository for just-in-time mentoring and collaboration; and
>> improve employee speed-to-competency.
“The unique combination of GeoMaestro’s robust feature set, scalability and GeoLearning’s best-of-breed partner business model is the perfect fit for Medical Staffing Network as we work to achieve our learning business goals,” says Towery.

—For more information on GeoMaestro and other GeoLearning products, visit www.geolearning.com.

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