LMS: Driving Your E-learning Programs With Learning Evolution's LMS

Learning Evolution’s world-class learning management capabilities are designed to address the unique business needs of any organization. Its fully integrated learning management system (LMS) and e-learning delivery platform offers convenient online delivery of courses, tests and surveys. This full-featured LMS contains the functionality necessary to conduct online skills assessments, perform gap analysis, track training, and support corporate learning initiatives including learner registration, course delivery and learner progress.

Through this LMS, organization administrators have:

>> The ability to assess, track and manage all training activities in one place and have access to management reports on demand.
>> Learners can track their own progress, view test results, and verify course completion.

Learning Evolution’s robust LMS offers a hosted e-learning solution to address training delivery challenges. Through a performance-based or competency-based approach, an organization can target and focus its employees’ training and development. Learning Evolution works closely with clients to help them create a performance management approach by first establishing a shared understanding of what is to be achieved. This performance- or competency-based approach allows clients to examine their business objectives and turn them into effective business practices in order to lead and develop their employees.


Learning Evolution offers more than 3,500 e-learning courses that include topics important to today’s businesses including: business skills, leadership, sales, legal issues, safety and computer training.

Its subscription-based pricing model makes quality e-learning an affordable option for large and mid-sized businesses with fewer than 2,500 employees. Subscribers access the learning programs for a full year, accessing as many times as necessary or desired.

To learn more, visit www.learningevolution.com or call 800-783-3100 x200.

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