LMS: "Job-Ready" Workers Readied by Platform

 Learn.com is the first company in history to provide a single, integrated platform for those seeking skill improvement for a particular job profile and those seeking to hire skilled, “job-ready” workers.

The Learn.com Personal Edition is built on the Learn.com LearnCenter platform. Allowing members to achieve a Skill Score ranking — a number reflecting their skill and knowledge for their selected job profile — the platform gives employers a way besides a resume to evaluate whether candidates will be ready to go and make a positive impact on day one.

For the first time ever, the Learn.com Personal Edition gives people the skills they need, on demand. For job-seekers and others wanting to improve career skills and earn a top Skill Score to show job readiness, Learn.com offers subscriptions to online training courses from industry experts, or users can simply select a job profile and receive all the relevant training required for that position.

People can even publish their own courses and receive a percentage of the revenue their courses generate.

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