LMS: Pull Technology Puts Learning in User Hands

The MyProfile module for the LearnCenter Platform introduces true pull learning technology (PLT) to the industry for the first time. PLT is the converse of the more traditional learning method known as "push" or "assigned" learning.

The MyProfile module for the LearnCenter platform and soon-to-be-released WebPad platform has pioneered PLT, thus putting the power of self-development and learning into the hands of the individual employee for the first time ever.

Using the MyProfile module for the LearnCenter platform, end-users are now able to:

>> compare their current skill set, quickly isolating gaps and areas of improvement;

>> view a graphical representation of skills gaps

>> request a job profile from their manager;

>> create bench strength by allowing the users to begin elevating their skill sets, and

>> import requested job profiles into a current development plan.

Everything employees need to prepare themselves for the future job will be delivered at their fingertips.

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