Losing Influence with Customers?

According to a new whitepaper entitled “Customer Relationships in a Web 2.0 World,” companies are losing influence with their customers. As customers face an increasingly complex and fast-changing world, they want help. However, trust levels in companies and their agenda are low. Customers are using Web 2.0’s social media to get insight and information from customer-generated content.

“Changing business dynamics are contributing to a growing disconnection between what business practices are serving up and what today’s customers value,” says Managing Partner John I. Todor of The Whetstone Edge, LLC. “And this is negatively affecting business’s role in purchase decisions. “The net result — businesses are losing influence over customer decision making, and their products are more rapidly becoming perceived as commodities.”

Senior Partner William D. Todor adds, “Customers are increasingly relying on social networking and social media to establish interactive and trusting relationship with other customers. These relationships help customers make purchase decisions and, more importantly, they help them learn how to extract the greatest amount of value from products.”

This white paper lays out the challenges and the rewards that accrue to companies who overcome these challenges. It spells out a clear framework for shifting the focus of the relationship and building trust essential to relationships that customers’ value. It discusses how companies can embrace the networked nature of a Web 2.0 world and regain influence with customers both online and in their physical world interactions.

This white paper can be downloaded free by visiting the Website www.thewhetstoneedge.com//web2.php.  

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