Management Training Supports Engagement

An Aberdeen research report reveals the need to provide the training and tools at all levels of an organization to create an engagement mindset that drives business results and customer satisfaction.

The in-depth study, which includes insights from approximately 450 organizations, finds that employee engagement was most critical to three areas: workforce productivity, employee retention, and the quality of goods/services it produces.

“Employee engagement is something world-class organizations need to be effective at in today’s competitive environment,” says Aberdeen analyst Mollie Lombardi, who authored the report. “Learning programs …provide individuals and managers with the skills and tools to align goals and priorities, and give a strong foundation which organizations can build on in order to achieve success.”

The report notes that over half of Best-In-Class organizations provide training and tools to managers to help them better engage employees, and nearly all of the rest (45%) are planning to extend this type of training in the future.

To obtain a complimentary copy of the report, visit: http://www.aber

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