Managers Use Technology For Travel Alternative in 2010

Managers Use Technology For Travel Alternative in 2010

Business managers will continue to seek out alternatives to travel provided by technology in 2010, according to the “2010 Corporate- Travel Spend Plans & Tactics” study conducted by Kotler Marketing Group and the Association of Corporate Travel Executives (ACTE).

The study includes an in-depth analysis of the growing use of electronic alternatives (e.g. Web and video conferencing) to offset travel. Findings include:

>> More than half (55%) of respondents say they will rely on electronic alternatives more in the future to meet their travel spend reduction goals.

>> Those companies who had widely deployed conferencing technologies saw greater travel spend reduction in 2009, with conferencing having the biggest impact on internal travel.

>> Using best practices for conferencing deployment and demand management resulted in greater travel reductions.

>> Most respondents expect continued increases in the use of electronic alternatives for purposes ranging from team meetings to large events, to meetings with suppliers and partners.

>> More than 40 percent even see their organizations replacing more sales-related travel with conferencing over the next few years.

The full report provides offers key insights into planned travel replacement and travel spend tactics for 2010 and beyond.

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