Many Factors May Disrupt Learning

Elliott Masie of The Masie Center recently asked learning experts about the forces that may have a disruptive (positive or negative) effect on learning in 2008.

“I’ve been asking that question to colleagues around the world for the past few weeks,” he says. Herein is a short list of their responses.

>> Economic jitters: How will this impact organizational resources for learning?

>> Generational differences: New demographics, new expectations, massive retirements, shifting power and sucession.

>> Globalization of organizations: including and globalization of learning models.

>> Technology shifts: Hardware 2.0, learning systems requirements and expectations of workforce.

>> Competency focus.

>> Rise of video conferencing.

>> Environmental resource restrictions.

>> The upcoming U.S. Presidential primaries and national election.

>> Confusing role changes for learning professionals. 

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