Measuring Social Media Engagement

Although most of those numerous agencies have found some use for social media (including constituent analytics to guide their decision-making), the Government Services Administration (GSA) is one of 12 agencies participating in the federal government’s Social Media Community of Practice, which is developing performance metrics.

There are several ways that social media’s influence on users can be measured, only some of which have been employed by federal agencies. According to Nicole Kelly at, measuring engagement is of utmost importance.

“Fortunately, engagement is fairly easy to measure with simple tools such as Radian 6, Biz360 and TweetEffect,” she writes. “These metrics highlight who you want to target to retain on social media channels.”

How to further measure the engagement of users of some social media? Chris Lake of suggests these:

>> Twitter: Quantify the number of times your links were clicked, your message was retweeted, and your hashtag was used and then look at how many people were responsible for the activity. You can also track @replies and direct messages if you can link them to campaign activity.

>> Facebook: Determine the number of times your links were clicked and your messages were liked or commented on. Then break this down by how many people created this activity. You can also track wall posts and private messages if you can link them to activity that is directly tied to a specific social media campaign.

>> YouTube: Assess the number of comments on your video, the number of times it was rated, the number of times it was shared and the number of new subscribers.

>> Blog: Evaluate the number of comments, the number of subscribers generated and finally the number of times the posts were shared and “where” they were shared (i.e., Facebook, Twitter, email, etc.). Measure how many third-party blogs you commented on and the resulting referral traffic to your site.

>>Email: Calculate how many people opened, clicked and shared your email. Include where the items were shared, similar to the point above. Also, keep track of the number of new subscriptions generated.

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