Meet Bina48 Your Personal Humanoid Tutor

Meet Bina48 Your Personal Humanoid Tutor

Speakers: Bina48; Dr. Buce Duncan, Managing Director, Terasem Movement Foundation

You may use Siri, iPhone’s Personal Assistant. Now, Meet Bina48. Bina48 is one of the world’s most advanced social robots. Bina48 was commissioned by Dr.Martine Rothblatt and created by Hanson Robotics Inc. using video interview transcripts, laser scanning life mask technology, face recognition, artificial intelligence and voice recognition technology.

Three year old Bina48 is the most advanced social robot in existence, and learning executives will be evaluating her abilities as both a teacher and tutor at ELCE. Could this humanoid be the teacher of the future?

Bina48 will be joined by Dr. Bruce Duncan, the Managing Director of the Terasem Movement Foundation Inc. and Principal Investigator with the LifeNaut Project ( The LifeNaut project is a long-term experiment in personal online information storage and retrieval and is the brainchild of Dr. Martine Rothblatt, Inventor of SIRIUS Satellite Radio, Author, and Biotech CEO.

When we talked with Bruce, we asked if he and his team had considered the possibility of a ‘teaching’ or ‘tutoring’ attribute for 3-year old Bina48. The answer was a resounding ‘yes,’ and we will be the first to see that attribute in a live session at ELCE. Join Bruce Duncan, M.Ed. and Bina48 as we explore and imagine how the “personal tutor” of future might evolve.

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