Millennials in the Workplace - Simon Sinek

One of my favorite interviews of all time on the subject of millennials in the workplace was this one that appeared on IQ – Inside Quest. Simon Sinek is absolutely brilliant in his set-up of the (undeserved) reputation of the millennials. Roughly paraphrased, his comments were something like this: Millennials as a generation are a group of people who were born approximately 1984 and after. They are tough to manage and they’re accused of being entitled and narcissistic and self-interested, unfocused, and lazy. But entitled is the big one. And he then goes on to say that because millennials are so confounding to leaders, the leaders are asking them what they want. The list comes back in many forms:

  • We want to work in a place with purpose;
  • We want to make a difference;
  • We want free food and bean bags;

And yet with all that they’re still unhappy. Watch as Simon tells us all about the millennials in the workplace:

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