Mobile, and Social, and Virtual! Oh, My!

Mobile, and Social, and Virtual! Oh, My!

Speaker: Joe DiDonato, Editor-at-Large, Elearning! Media Group; Jacqueline Beck, Vice President, Brookwood; Dr. Garry Woodill, CEO, i5 Research

As we follow the yellow brick road to the new “land of e-learning,” what perils will we encounter along the way?  Will you be able to find your way home after you talk to the wizards?  And do you have the mettle to make this trip?
Meet four expert guides who will share their secrets on mobile, social, virtual and collaborative learning.  Let them help you avoid wrong turns. Listen to our moderator, Joe DiDonato, as he tests their courage, hearts, and brains with probing questions from “behind the curtain.”
Jackie Beck will share virtual learning best practices and advise us on how this trend will impact us going forward.  Dr. Gary Woodrill shares how to develop a mobile learning strategic plan.   David Coleman will prove how effective collaboration processes will assure your best ROI from technology investments. And, Michele Lenz describes how e-learning can go social effectively.
In this session you will learn:

  • Which technologies should be leveraged and when;
  • How to build a strategy that supports your goals;
  • The impact of collaboration on business outcomes;
  • The 5 truths of social, mobile and virtual learning; and
  • The safest path to the new “land of e-learning”

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