Mobile Intelligence on the Upswing

Mobile Intelligence on the Upswing

About one-third of the companies in an Aberdeen Group research project said that they were engaged in either mobile business intelligence

(MBI) or mobile decision support (MDS) initiatives.

MBI is defined as the activities and technologies that enable mobile access to management information from smartphones and tablets.

Fully 52% of the respondents believe that MBI can bring a competitive advantage to their companies, and 27% say that they still need to increase the productivity of mobile employees.

Other takeaways from the Aberdeen study:

>> 78% of the leading companies believe that optimization of the data presentation for smartphones and tables is one key to its value.

>> Twice as many “leaders” companies as “followers” have realized that the effectiveness of MDS increase when they equip their mobile decision-makers with the ability to share individual perspectives and opinions with others.

>> Leader support of Apple iPad has doubled while support for Android tablets has tripled. In December 2011, 43% of leading companies using tablets supported Apple iPad for MBI; today, 91% do so. Comparative Android numbers: 19% in December 2011, 61% today.

>> Adoption is still dominated by organizations that are most comfortable with technology: 47% are software vendors or providers of I.T. consulting and services.

>> Security is paramount, using password authentication, encryption of data in transmission and remote device lock-and-wipe.

—Source: Aberdeen Group

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