MOOC Providers Eye Corporate Markets


MOOC providers, which formerly targeted the K-12 and college/university markets,are responding to private-sector demands by making inroads into the corporate training sphere.

For a fee, companies can now access existing online courses or create their own through providers like edX, Udemy and Coursera. The packages offer user analytics and separate study groups for employees.

EdX — founded by Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology —has opened registration for its first suite of professional education classes on topics like energy, entrepreneurship and cyber security. Pricing is approximately $1,250 per person, though volume discounts are available in some instances.

Companies are the prime market for the MOOC industry, as their employees are motivated to develop skills, and enterprise reward this commitment with job opportunities. Further, the rich content resources are available at a small fraction of the cost of full development. In the 2014 E-learning User Study hosted by Elearning! Media Group, 2 out of 3 learning leaders are sourcing new training content for staff development.


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