Must Read: Why This Tech Company Hires People With No Experience - From FastCompany

Every once in awhile, an article about a company that “thinks differently” stops you cold in your tracks. JumpCrew is one of those stories. Initially, they followed the traditional path of recruiting sales people with as much experience as possible. As they were expensive, they paired them with people with no sales experience, but had an innate ability for storytelling. They didn’t even have to know the company’s technology.

Well that seemed like it was a great idea, because the senior people could show the other people how to “do it.” Right? Well then a very strange thing happened. The people with no experience were outperforming those with those expensive sales pedigrees. Hah! Now that required more of an intense look-see into what could be causing such a paradoxical outcome.

Although the company never discusses the ‘why’ around this performance upheaval, it makes you wonder about what the causal fact might have been. One company that many of us know – T-Mobile – prides themselves on being the “Un-Carrier.” Internally, they found that they could achieve even more, if they began to “un-learn” some of the sales processes that have been ingrained over the years. Another bold movement into these unchartered waters, and another success story will soon unfold there as well.

This is one of those areas where I think we could have a great back and forth about why this might be happening. But first you need to read this great article from FastCompany. And when you’re done, please come back and share your thoughts about this phenomena, as well as how we might begin to rethink our own recruiting practices. Here’s the link to the story: FastCompany Article.

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