Online Training Made Easier with Video

Online Training Made Easier with Video

To emphasize how powerful online training is as a tool to educate not only employees but customers and partners, Ziff Davis and Citrix Systems have combined to publish a whitepaper on the topic.  “In general, any sort of program with strong audio and/or visual elements as well as those which require greater retention and engagement will benefit tremendously by adding an appropriate amount of video to their new or existing online training program,” the whitepaper notes.

Some of the ways that organizations can incorporate video into their training regime are easily accessible in today’s computer-based world. For instance, a brief visit to YouTube or any number of vendor websites can provide learning organizations with professional videos on a wide range of topics that might be of interest to their employees. And with numerous industry suppliers available along with PC-based webcams, video conferencing is becoming a staple because it can save travel costs and has proven to be just as effective as more traditional face-to-face, instructor-led classroom training.

“People like to watch videos,” the whitepaper concludes. “Online training professionals can take advantage by combining the rising popularity of video with the proven effectiveness of interactive learning to create smart online programs that are compelling, convenient, and cost-effective.”

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