PLATFORMS: Helping Employees Love Work


The modern office demands a lot from end users, their time, and their resources. But what if we could ease their burden by teaching them to use their software to the fullest — all while making them more productive at the same time?

QuickHelp is a SaaS-based 360-degree training and adoption platform that helps your organization:

>> Become more agile by helping users adopt Microsoft technologies faster

>> Work better together by encouraging the use of productivity-boosting resources

>> Educate end users when they need it most

>> Change the way they work — and love it

Some of QuickHelp’s tools include thousands of short, actionable training clips hosted in the Cloud, all of which contain searchable content complete with course lists delivered on demand. Other tools include email push and in-application notifications, assigned content, event calendaring and registration, interest groups, live webinar events, and soon-to-be-released social media integration.

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