Poor Communication Derails Management

Profiles International has released a report identifying five critical components of management failure.

“Our findings indicate that there are five common reasons for management failure,” says Jim Sirbasku, co-founder and CEO. “One of the findings is that poor interpersonal and communication skills are one of the most prevalent reasons. Our report explores the symptoms of at-risk management and offers remedies and action steps for avoiding derailment.”

When it comes to poor interpersonal and communication skills, there are many symptoms that can be identified in an “at-risk” manager:

>> Always seems to be feuding with someone or some group in the organization.
>> Has a reputation for being authoritarian, cold, aloof, arrogant or insensitive.
>> Acts as a polarizing force within an organization.
>> Avoids direct communication or contact with workers.
>> Delivers bad news through e-mail rather than through direct conversations.
>> Exhibits a hostile attitude towards coworkers who share interdependent goals.
>> Becomes the target of subtle or blatant sabotage efforts.

The remedies for preventing derailment and improving performance are:

1) Understand the true root cause of the conflict.
2) Understand the management style and motivation of the manager.
3) Help the manager understand his/her own management and communication style.

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