Predicting and Justifying Corporate E-Learning

While companies paid 14 percent more ($171.5 billion) on learning and development in 2010, adoption did not improve. Learning in corporate America needs to be better predicted and justified, says Dave Basarab, an expert trainer, evaluator and author. He also says that many companies have a gap between the high amount they’re spending on training but have low adoption rates.

Basarab believes that:

>> Despite economic challenges, senior executives know that L&D is critical to drive growth and sustain a competitive advantage.

>> By becoming more effective in predicting learning’s outcomes, companies will elevate their learning programs to the next level.

>> Having the right learning strategy in place will increase an organization’s ability to create value.

>> Organizations need to predict training’s results, value, intention, adoption and impact to make smarter, more strategic training and evaluation investments.

>> While prediction is crucial, so is adoption. Learning is continuous and shouldn’t stop when a training session ends; information must “stick” to be used effectively in the workplace.

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