Metaari's 2018-2023 Worldwide Educational Bot Market Report

Metaari's 2018-2023 Worldwide Educational Bot Market Report




Metaari’s Advanced Learning Technology Taxonomy includes Educational Bots in physical hardware form factors and virtual (software-only) digital bots.

Metaari defines Educational and Training Bots as physical mechanical devices, virtual chatbots, and avatar-based tutors that deliver learning content or behavior modification intervention directly to users. They are essentially learning delivery platforms.

Not all Educational Bots have physical components. There are a range of AI-based virtual Educational Bots sometimes referred to as chatbot tutors, conversational AIs (smart bots), conversational agents, virtual advisors, virtual learning coaches (coaching avatars), tutor bots, and/or edubots. They are commonly referred to as intelligent virtual agents (IVAs). In healthcare the virtual bots are called virtual healthcare advisors (VHA). This report identifies over 80 commercial virtual bot tutors.

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