Rapid e-Learning Generates Rapid Revenues

Rapid e-Learning Generates Rapid Revenues

Call Center Leverages Simulations to Speed Time-to-Competency and Reaps the Rewards

Next Directory, a retail mail order company, was faced with a major challenge in its call centers: how to cost effectively train hundreds of new users and equip them to work on complex IT systems.New hires had to quickly achieve competency on complex IT systems and procedures to begin generating revenue for the call center.

Next Directory developed a fully interactive simulation of the call center IT systems, allowing staff to be trained at any time on the new training simulator. The initial system consisted of 3,000 screens of software simulation.

The e-learning system combines interactive software simulations and role-play scenarios to ensure that all call center staff are equipped to deliver the best possible customer service to Next Directory customers. The system, developed by Atlantic Link, is an exact simulation of the IT systems in use in the call center, backed up with additional help and instructions to allow users and trainers to navigate confidently through the content and processes.


The system allows trainers to deliver courses on a “safe” simulation of the live system.

It solves all of the data protection issues by allowing users to learn on dummy data rather than on live accounts. The flexible e-learning package also accommodates both classroom and stand-alone training, as requested by the customer. A special “trainer mode” can be used for classroom training, with enhanced help being provided in “stand-alone”mode. In classroom mode, the simulation is almost indistinguishable from the live system, giving learners the most realistic experience possible. The elearning solution combines highly interactive software simulations and scenarios to ensure that all call center staff are equipped to deliver the best possible customer service to Next Directory customers.


The system has already saved thousands of hours of trainer preparation time and has provided Next Directory with cost savings running into six figures. As well as the savings in trainer time, Next Directory eliminated expensive training servers and reduced the length of its delivered courses. Other benefits include improved reliability (the new system does not “crash” when all the trainees press the same key at once) and the ability for users to take refresher courses at any time— even if the required classroom course is not running.

Atlantic Link’s integrated learning management system allows Next Directory to track and monitor course usage and also automatically monitors keyboard accuracy. This allows Next Directory to identify trainees who are not yet ready to be deployed.


Since purchasing Atlantic Link’s rapid production tools (Content Point and Capture
Point), Next Directory trainers have been able to add more than 6,000 screens of learning to the 3,000 originally created. This has been achieved in less than six months, and by staff without any programming skills.

Since installing the Atlantic Link solution, Next Directory have trained more than 4,500 students on 30 different courses. It is now looking at rolling the solution out into other areas such as soft skills training.

—To learn more about Atlantic Link’s solutions, visit: www.atlanticlinkglobal.com or telephone (888) 917-2743.

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