Rapid E-learning: The Skies Are (Not) the Limit

Budget cuts have put the squeeze on training, with employee travel for learning being one of the hardest hit areas, according to the Masie Center’s 2009 Learning Resources Barometer survey. 

Budget cuts have put the squeeze on training, with employee travel for learning being one of the hardest hit areas, according to the Masie Center’s 2009 Learning Resources Barometer survey. 

Yet your employees still have the same (or even a growing) need for compliance,leadership and job skills training!

This is where rapid e-learning has the potential to help you do more with less. With low development costs, quick turnaround and automated distribution, it’s no surprise that presentation and lecture capture tools have become a staple of higher education. Now they are being adopted as a cost-effective way to amplify the impact of training throughout a corporation: from new hires to call center staff to salespeople, partners, resellers, customers, and beyond.

Here are four reasons to put an enterprise-wide rapid authoring system like Camtasia Relay to work in corporate e-learning:

1) Grow your pool of content authors. Getting more people involved in creating and sharing information is good for your business. Camtasia Relay supports knowledge sharing and collaboration by automating the process of capturing a live presentation or demo and posting it as on-demand video. This enables any subject matter expert to share what they know with their network —using the familiar presentation and software applications on their PC or Mac.

2) Reach learners where they live. Even the best e-learning content is doomed to a life of neglect if it’s not available when and where learners need it. Camtasia Relay produces industry-standard, embeddable video files that can be posted easily to your CMS, LMS, wiki, or other knowledge portal.Mobile formats are supported, too! Blackboard users can install a “Building Block” that automatically announces new content to learners.

If hosting media on your own servers is too much hassle and expense, TechSmith offers to take care of it for you through the Screencast.com secure hosting service. For less than $10 per month, you can upload videos directly from the Camtasia Relay server and store them on Screencast.com for anywhere, anytime access by learners. Along with standard features like embed code and playlists, Screencast.com offers a broad range of options for controlling access to e-learning content — from obscured URLs to password protection to authenticated, invitation-only folders.

3) Throw a bone to the IT department. To run the Camtasia Relay software, you’ll need a dedicated Windows server and a few hours to set up the profiles that determine media formats and publishing destinations. But the system is designed to require very little ongoing maintenance — which makes most IT departments very happy. Camtasia Relay works with your existing network credentials (LDAP) and new users can even be auto-assigned to publishing profiles when they first log in.

4) Hop off the one-trick pony.Camtasia Relay is not just for e-learning.The truth is, almost every department can benefit from a tool that captures a digital replica of a live presentation — complete with full-motion screen recording plus audio — and posts it automatically for later viewing. Sales can record their weekly meeting for anyone on the road. Engineers can document a project hand-off. The Web team can demo a prototype of the new site design. Since Camtasia Relay is designed to serve your whole enterprise, it makes sense to team up with another department to split the cost of a license, given these budget-conscious times.

The bottom line: if you need a simple way to deliver key information and ondemand learning content — fast — then take a look at Camtasia Relay. TechSmith’s free, weekly Webinar is a great way to get a closer look and ask anyquestions you may have. And you can even test drive the fully-functional software for 30 days. Details at: http://.bit.ly/Relay4Training.

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