Resources for green-minded companies and organizations

Resources for green-minded companies and organizations

Elearning! Summits, Sustainable Communications, Global Reporting and more…

>> Elearning! Summits: Virtual convention/trade shows that can be accessed from your computer. To attend or exhibit, e-mail or telephone (888) 201-2841.

>> Futerra Sustainability Communications: A company that can help you develop and publicize an overall strategy. E-mail or telephone (646) 536-3417.

>> Global Reporting Initiative: Headquartered in Amsterdam, Holland, this sustainability organization’s Website is

>> iLinc Green Meter: Software that helps track travel and calculate cost savings. E-mail or telephone (800) 767-9054.

>> National Resources Defense Council: This organization offers tips for living greener on the Website

>> Sierra Club: Well-known non-profit that offers ideas on how to save the planet on the Website

>> Standard Register: Company that manages corporate document generation and paper use. Website or telephone (800) 755-6405

>> Non-profit organization that offers projects in the categories of renewable energy, energy efficiency and reforestation.

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