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Professional Development For Teachers and Trainers - Supercharge Your Training Team

Speaker: Eugenio Severin, CEO/Co-Founder, Tu Clase Tu Pais

How can you achieve 20% improvement in your training programs? Focus on training the trainers. In this web seminar, Eugenio Severin shares…

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Learning! 100 Web Seminar Series: Igniting Business Strategy Through Talent Development- A Look at the Academies Model


Speakers: Lily Wong, Learning Director, Agilent Technologies 
Cris Hatcher, CLO, Watco 
Maria Capobianchi-Pursel, Enterprise Solutions Engineer, D2L

Learning & Development is core to talent…

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Top Trends for Learning Technologies in 2019 - What’s Hot and What’s Not?


Speaker: Donald H Taylor, Chairman, Learning and Performance Institute 
Moderator: Samantha Marsden, Sr. Marketing Manager, OpenSesame

How are your plans for learning technologies in 2019 looking?…

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Best of Elearning! Tools to Use in 2019

Speakers; Catherine Upton, Publisher, Elearning! Media Group
Koreen Pagano, VP of Corporate Product Management, D2L


The 14th Annual Best of Elearning! is the industry’s exclusive users’ choice…

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Advanced Learning Technologies in Learning & Development

 Speaker: Sam Adkins, Founder, Metaari
Moderator: Catherine Upton, Group Publisher, Elearning! Magazine


Astonishing innovations are coming on the market at a rapid rate and learning teams are…

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The Business of Learning: A Strategic Approach to Delivering Impactful Learning Programs


Speakers: Catherine Upton, Publisher, Elearning! Media Group
Andra Popescu, Senior Advisory Consultant, D2L 

As the need to deliver targeted training programs increases, learning and development…

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Best of Elearning! Tools to Use in 2018


Speakers: Catherine Upton, Publisher, Elearning! Media Group
Andra Popescu, Senior Advisory Consultant, D2L 

The 13th Annual Best of Elearning! is the industry’s exclusive Users Choice Awards. In…

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Learning & Talent Platforms Powering Organizations


Speakers: Catherine Upton, Publisher, Elearning! Media Group
David Horne, Manager of Solution Engineering, D2L

The 10th Annual Learning & Platforms Buyer Study was just released by Elearning!…

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Push or Pull: Making Training Work for Your Organization


Speaker: Dean Pichee, President & CEO, BizLibrary
Host: Krista Brubaker, Content Marketing Specialist, BizLibrary

When it comes to a mandatory vs. elective approach to training, many companies…

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2017 E-learning Trends: Study Results, Predictions & Practices

Speakers: Sam Adkins, Chief Researcher, Metaari & Catherine Upton, Publisher, Elearning! Magazine

Technology is evolving at a rapid pace disrupting enterprises and the workplace. How is your…

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Creating a Culture of Learning in the Modern Workplace

Are you creating a learning culture for your employees? We’re working in environments today where change is no longer an event but a constantly occurring process. In order for businesses to maintain…

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The State of Distance Learning and FGDLA Membership Meeting

Speakers: Alex Autry, President, FGDLA
Dr. Philip Westfall, Chairman of the Board
Dr. Jolly Holden, Executive Director
Joy L. Green, Secretary
Russ Colbert, VP Corporate Sector
Tim Carrier, Membership

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How Section 508 Accessibility Helps People with Disabilities


Dr. Carla Lane, FGDLA Vice President, Higher Education Sector 

Helen Chamberlain, Program Director, Government-wide Section 508, GSA 
Alexander Koudry, Director, Center for…

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CEO Power Panel: Learning in the Second Digital Decade


Speakers: Joe DiDonato, Editor at Large, Elearning! Media Group

Dean Pichee, President, BizLibrary

Chris Bond, President and CEO, Bluewater Learning Inc.


Join Joe and this panel of learning…

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Virtual Learning Genius Bar

Speakers: Emma King, Vice President of Learning and Event Strategy, INXPO

Emma Meyer, Executive Producer, INXPO

Speaker: Emma King, Vice President of Learning

Mary Beth Micucci, Director of…

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How to Build a Leadership ‘TV Network’ to Compliment Learning

Speakers: Emma King, Vice President of Learning and Event Strategy, INXPO

Emma Meyer, Executive Producer, INXPO

In the Netflix age, easily accessible, well-organized video is always ON and…

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Shifting Media Consumption Habits

The proliferation of media channels (digital, print, social) has shifted the media consumption habits of today’s business to business media consumer.

In a study conducted last month by Preston/…

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How To Develop Competency-Based Program

Dr. Carla Lane, FGDLA Vice President, Higher Education Sector

Jonathan Poltrack, ADL Director of Operations, Alexandria, VA 
Dr. Robby Robson, CEO and Chief Scientist, EduWorks…

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Is Virtual Reality Going Prime Time for Learning?


If you believe Zuckerburg, Virtual Reality will be the next big platform after smartphones. 
Is his billion dollar bet right? Will VR be the next big thing in learning?

In this seminar, Ritchie…

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Engaging the Smarter Workforce


According to Gallup, only 30% of the workforce is highly engaged and passionate about their work. Yet, driving employee engagement is a critical business driver for productivity (22% higher for…

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Learning Platforms: Trends & Practices

The Learning Platforms market is predicted to triple by 2020. Discover how learning leaders are leveraging learning and talent systems to drive enterprise performance. What are the key business…

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E-learning Trends, Predictions & Practices

Every day new learning technologies and practices are born. Which are fads and what have staying power?

Join Catherine Upton in this session when she reveals the results of the E-learning User…

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How Neuro-Science Drives Learning Effectiveness & Retention

An increasing number of learning solutions on the market leverage “brain science” and “neuroscience” as part of their marketing.  Very catchy buzzwords, but often little more than…

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Mobile Learning Strategies

Access to information is power! Today, 98% of your staff uses at least one mobile device at work. And, 79% want 24/7 access to the workplace.

Anytime mobile access to enterprise information has…

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CLO Executive Forum

Are you ready for the C-suite?  In today's organizations, learning and talent development means business. Do you have the strategic vision, data mindset or financial acumen to successfully lead? View…

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Best of Elearning! Demos: BizLibrary

Best of Elearning! Demonstrations - Biz Library

Speaker: Chris Osborne

BizLibrary was named a 4-time 2014 Best of Elearning! honoree. In this session, Chris Osborne, Vice President, will showcase…

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How We'll Live, Work and Learn in the Future

How We'll Live, Work and Learn in the Future - Panel Discussion featuring:

David Price, Author, Open, Garry Ridge, CEO, WD-40, Larry Rosenstock, Founder, High Tech Academy


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How to Gamify Learning: Case Study at BOE

You don't have to be a game designer, play Call of Duty or be a Guitar Hero to leverage the best of gamification. In this web session, Mark Walker, Training Lead, California State Board of…

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Creating Powerful Virtual Learning Experiences

In the last five to ten years the way we live, work, and play has massively changed. Thanks to technology we now live our lives in a far more connected way in which we can communicate, collaborate,…

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Learning! 100: Scripps Health

Best Practices from the Learning! 100: Scripps Health

Speaker: Veronica Zaman, Vice President, HR & Learning, Scripps Health

Four-time Learning! 100 winner Scripps Health has the formula to drive…

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How Social Networks Connect a Distributed Workforce and Build a Management Pipeline

The third largest parking company in the United States and one of the 2014 Learning! 100, LAZ Parking operates more than 1,900 parking locations in 24 states. Its workforce is comprised of…

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The Business of Learning: How to Drive Impact in Your Organization

Is your industry in a vicious competitive industry where margins are small, and growth is driven by sales savvy? Three 2014 Learning! 100 leaders share their winning strategies on driving revenues.…

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The Consumerization of Learning: Impact on Enterprise Learning & Talent Systems

Facebook, mobile apps, YouTube videos. They are all transforming how learning leaders are educating team members, partners and customers. The consumerization of learning has arrived.   But, what does…

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Adobe Captivate 8 – One tool for all your eLearning

Join Dr. Pooja Jaisingh to learn how to create all the eLearning you want with just one tool – Adobe Captivate 8. Create responsive multi-screen eLearning - HD product demos, software simulations,…

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How to Use Brain Science and Improve Your Virtual Training

Speaker: Carmen Simon

Join this session to find out how to apply principles from cognitive neuroscience, the field that studies the link between the brain and memory, so you can provide virtual…

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Flipping the Learning Paradigm with Adobe Presenter

Speaker: Dr. Allen Partridge

A growing trend in Higher Education suggests - move the content delivery out of the classroom and bring the students back in. What this essentially means is, a large…

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Create Stunning Mobile Learning Courses With Adobe Captivate

Speaker: Dr. Pooja Jaisingh

Have you always wondered –
1. How you could create mobile learning experiences which allow your learners to access all their eLearning seamlessly irrespective of which…

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E-learning Trends: First Look Study Results 2014

Take a look at new research on E-learning Trends & Practices. Join Joe DiDonato and Catherine Upton of Elearning! Media Group, as they reveal this year's findings on future enterprise learning and…

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Leadership Development Game at Booz Allen Hamilton

Speakers: Kendra Herlig, Booz Allen Hamilton

Booz Allen Hamilton's innovative Leadership Development team created an effective and large-scale board game, through which simulating leadership…

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Learning! 100: Mobile at Work

Speakers: John Moxley, CLO, Cricket Communications and Joe DiDonato, Editor-at-Large and Catherine Upton, Publisher, Elearning! Media Group

John Moxley and his small team have set the “high-mark”…

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Keynote: Brilliance by Design by Vicki Halsey

Speaker: Dr. Vicki Halsey, author of "Brilliance by Design-Creating Learning Experience that Connect, Inspire & Engage" and consultant, The Ken Blanchard Companies

Dr. Vick Halsey will talk about…

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Introducing a Community of Practice at Bechtel

Speaker: Paul Drexler, Account Manager, Global Learning and Development, Bechtel Corporation

This is an interesting case study of how a successful on-line Community of Practice was introduced at a…

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The Future of Learning & Performance

Speakers: Mollie Lombardi, Research Director, Human Capital Management at Aberdeen Group

Mollie Lombardi is the research director of Aberdeen’s human capital management practice, as well as one of…

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Keynote: Creating Time to Innovate

Speakers: David Allen, Founder & Chairman, The David Allen Company

Every day, businesses and learning organizations face new challenges and opportunities: talent management, new product deployments,…

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E-learning Trends & Practices Study 2012

Speakers: Joe DiDonato, Editor-at-Large and Catherine Upton, Publisher, Elearning! Media Group

Spending on E-Learning Soars!

Did you know that spending on e-learning is now almost 75% of a typical…

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Learning CEOs Panel: Technology & Trends

Speakers: Chris Bond, CEO, Bluewater Learning, LLC and invited CEOs

What’s next for Learning and Talent Management software? What’s the current state of the art for social and mobile learning…

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Meet Bina48 Your Personal Humanoid Tutor

Speakers: Bina48; Dr. Buce Duncan, Managing Director, Terasem Movement Foundation

You may use Siri, iPhone’s Personal Assistant. Now, Meet Bina48. Bina48 is one of the world’s most advanced social…

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Lights, Camera, Action: 5 Tips for Professional Video Outcomes

Speakers: Phil Ferrari, Producer, Ferrari Productions

Over 4 million YouTubeVideos are viewed a day. Video is the most effective way to convey concepts that connect with people. How can you leverage…

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Keynote: Innovators in Learning

Speakers: Derek Cunard, Dean of American Heart Association University, AHA; Jeanne Dunn, Vice President, Learning@Cisco; Paul LeBlanc, President, Southern New Hampshire University

Meet leaders from…

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The Future Trainer: Bina48 Humanoid

Speakers: Joe DiDonato, editor at large, Elearning!Media Group and Bruce Duncan, M.Ed, Managing Director, Terasem Foundation, and Bina48, Humanoid

The US Naval Air Warfare Center reports 62% of…

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How to Create Great E-learning! --Key Steps to Success

Speakers: Joe DiDonato, editor at large, Elearning! Media Group and Joe Ganci, President, Dazzle Technologies

Today, more than 52% of training hours are deployed via e-learning, blended or virtual…

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Creating a Social Learning Hive

Speakers: Joe DiDonato, Editor at Large, Elearning!Media Group
and Vicki Tambellini, The Tambellini Group

Almost 40% of enterprises are leveraging social networks for learning and collaboration.…

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4 Steps to Buying & Deploying the Proper LMS

Speakers: Joe DiDonato, Editor at Large, Elearning!Media Group 
and Chris Bond, CEO, Bluewater Learning Services

Over 40% of Elearning! readers plan to add, change or replace their learning or talent…

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Advancing Your Career with Professional Credentialing

Speakers: Joe DiDonato, editor at large, Elearning!Media Group
and David Grebow, CEO, Knowledge Star

Today, 48% of enterprises do not know the skill sets of their employees. Yet, 1 million skilled…

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Opening Session: Learning! 100 Best in Class

Speaker: Mollie Lombardi, Analyst, Aberdeen Group

Enterprise Learning! 100: The Secrets of America’s Top Performers

Today’s business environment and expectations have shifted dramatically. How has…

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Keynote: Enterprise 2020: Thriving in the Net-Work Era

Speakers: Jay Cross, principal, Internet Time Alliance, Nick van Dam, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu LTD, Karie Willyerd, SuccessFactors (SAP), Joe DiDonato, Elearning! Media Group

“The 21st century is an…

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Enabling Your Enterprise with High Impact Learning


Speaker: David Mallon, Learning Analyst, Bersin & Associates



Dynamic trends are shaping big changes in learning in the workplace. New highly flexible internal communications, social…

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New Rules for Leadership with Jay Cross

Speakers: Jay Cross, Principal, Internet Time Allianceand Learning! 100 Panelists

Jay Cross leads this roundtable discussion on the new rules of leadership. The 21st century leader must operate…

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Survive & Thrive in Today’s Challenging Environment

Speakers: Vicki Tamberllini, President, eduworld1, Wendy Frederick, Chief, Learning Systems Management Division, Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, Alice Muerllerweiss, Dean, Veteran’s Affairs Learning…

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Enterprise Learning! 100: The Secrets of America’s Top Performers

Speakers: Nick van Dam, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu LTD and Learning! 100 Panelists

These Learning! 100 winners earn their honors in 2011 for outstanding organizational performance. Some grew income…

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Digitizing the Enterprise: Cloud, Mobile & More

Speakers: Bob Danna, COO, Bersin & Associates, Ed Cohen, VP Learning Technologies, SuccessFactors (SAP), Jason Corsello, VP of Strategy, Cornerstone On Demand, Dave Wilkins, VP Research, Taleo…

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Elevating Enterprise Collaborative Intelligence

Speaker: David Coleman, Managing Director, Collaborative Strategies

What is your Collaborative Intelligence? There are many factors that compose Collaborative Intelligence (CI), everything from…

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Learning! 100: Innovative Workplaces

Speakers: Karie Willyerd, co-author “The 2020 Workplace: How Innovative Companies are Attract, Develop and Keep Tomorrow’s Employees Today” andLearning! 100 Panelists

In the future, talent shortages…

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Closing Keynote: The Courage to Lead

Speaker: Dave Carey, U.S. Navy, retired former, Director U.S. Navy Leadership & Management Training School

Dave Carey uniquely inspires you.

As a Navy pilot during the Vietnam war, Dave’s aircraft…

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Mobile, and Social, and Virtual! Oh, My!

Speaker: Joe DiDonato, Editor-at-Large, Elearning! Media Group; Jacqueline Beck, Vice President, Brookwood; Dr. Garry Woodill, CEO, i5 Research

As we follow the yellow brick road to the new “land of…

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First Look: E-learning Trends & Practices Study 2011

Speakers: Joe Didonato, Elearning! Magazine's Editor-at-large and Catherine Upton Elearning! Magazine's Publisher

Is your organization keeping up?
Take a first look at new research on E-learning…

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The 5 Secrets to Deploying Effective Training at Warp Speed

Speakers: Joe DiDonato, Editor-at-large, Elearning!Media Group and Kelly Smith, Online Learning Advocate, Knoodle

The Speed of Business has grown exponentially. From sales competition, changing…

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Great Webinars: Crossing the Chasm from Classroom Training to High Performance Virtual Delivery

Speakers: Cynthia Clay, President/CEO, NetSpeed Learning Solutions

Most novice webinar presenters report that they are uncomfortable with virtual delivery because they:

  • No longer have eye contact…
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What Keeps You Up at Night? Analysts Answer.

Speakers: Joe DiDonato, JD Consulting, Karen O’Leonard, Bersin & Associates and Mollie Lombardi, Aberdeen Group Hashtag: #ELWS

Tight budgets. Vicious competition. Dynamic workforce.
Today’s leaders…

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Virtual Learning Environments: Trends & Insights

Speakers: Jerry Roche, Editorial Director, Elearning!Magazine,
Eric Vidal, Sr. Learning Strategist, Unisfair and Marie Bass, Director Of Education, Healthcare Financial Management Association Hashtag:…

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Emerging E-learning Technologies & Practices

Every day new e-learning technologies and practices are born. Which are fads and what have staying power? Join Janet Clarey, Technology Editor for Elearning! as she moderates a discussion with three…

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Tapping the Power of Collaborative Content Authoring for Creating E-learning

Speakers: Janet Clarey, Editor, Elearning! Magazine Group and Mike Alcock, Product Specialist, Kaplan IT Learning's Atlantic Link

Collaborative authoring systems allow organizations to respond with…

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Four Secrets to Leveraging Social Networking for Employee Performance


Speakers: Tammy J. Erickson, International Expert & Author, Plugged In and Janet Clarey, Technology Editor,Elearning! Magazine Group



77% of U.S. corporations are leveraging social networks…

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Keynote: Liz Wiseman, How the Best Leaders Make Everyone Smarter

Speakers: Liz Wiseman, Author and Executive Advisor

Are you a genius or a genius maker? We've all had experience with two dramatically different types of leaders. The first type drains intelligence,…

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An Introduction to the Experience API (xAPI)

Speakers: Jason Haag and Jonathan Poltrack, ADL Initiative

JADL’s Experience API (xAPI) introduces several design implications for learning that involves user experience (UX) design, interface…

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Top 10 Learning Technology Must Haves for 2014

Speakers: Joe DiDonato, Editor-at-Large and Catherine Upton, Publisher, Elearning! Media Group

Join us on December 5th to find out how your peers spent their 2013 learning budgets, as well as…

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Best of Elearning!: Engaging Content

Speakers: Jerry Roche, Editorial Director Elearning! Media Group

E-learning has evolved. It's more than on-demand, anytime access. It's collaborative, engaging, and movilized. Join this session and…

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