SAAS: Cisco Unveils New ‘Collaborative Knowledge’

SAAS: Cisco Unveils New ‘Collaborative Knowledge’

Cisco Collaborative Knowledge, a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution, integrates best-in-class consumer and business technologies to enable capabilities such as highly secure knowledge sharing, expert identification, continuous learning, social networking and analytics into one complete and end-to-end enterprise knowledge exchange. With Cisco Collaborative Knowledge, workers are able to benefit from these continuous learning features, helping organizations innovate and solve real-world business challenges.

With Cisco Collaborative Knowledge, organizations are able to:

>> Mobilize their workforce with knowledge, speed and flexibility to create a more agile, engaged and productive organization.
>> Fast-track learning and knowledge sharing to foster a culture of continuous learning and innovation, by integrating formal and informal learning resources.
>> Tap into the collective knowledge of the entire organization to innovate and transform the customer and employee experience.

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