Social Networks Gain Big

Everyone knows that social networking sites are growing in popularity. Millions of individuals visit them at least daily.

According to the “Consumer Internet Barometer” report from TNS and The Conference Board, 43 percent of U.S. Internet users visited social networking sites in Q2 2009. That figure was up 16 percentage points from the previous year.
Other findings:

>> Nearly one-half of females visited social networking sites, compared with 37.6 percent of men.
>> More than 70 percent of Internet users under age 35 browsed social networks.
>> Only 43.1 percent of those ages 35 to 54 and 18.9 percent of users ages 55 and older visiting social networks. Still, those represented huge climbs from usage in Q2 2008.
>> Respondents were most likely to visit social networks in a family area at home, followed by in a private area at home, at work and through mobile devices.
>> The most popular social networking sites came as no surprise: Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn and Twitter, in that order.

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